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Welcome to download our free digital “Ascend-Assessio Slide-show” for your photos and videos. press googleplay

The “Ascend-Assessio slide-show” is probably one of the most advanced slide-shows in the world you can regulate exposure time intervals on the pictures and videos and add a substantial number of videos and pictures in the application, but read the user’s manual an see all features available.

Ascend-Assessio AB is a Swedish software development company that develop different software’s for external partners and for our own inhouse use. Please download our application from Google play and organize your photos and videos in a slide-show.

the business

If you are a professional and want to use our slide-show for commercial purposes please contact us. We can even help you with special features if you want us to add them to fit your project perfectly.We will also soon present a market place on our website where anyone can place adverts with “click” links on to their own sight, to market their products and services. 

For us it will be the way to finance the future and coming development of our slide-show application.Even though our company name is similar to other company names we have no connection to any other company´s in other line of businesses. But there are some other websites that presents our application with similar names as us.

commercial spot
Commercial spot
Commercial spot